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The Energised: Sarah Lindsay

In the vibrant tapestry of entrepreneurship, Sarah Lindsay, the Co-Founder of ROAR Fitness, offers a candid glimpse into her journey, marked by highs, lows, and the profound lessons learned along the way.

Sarah wears many hats as a Co-Founder, from making pivotal financial decisions to nurturing client relationships. Yet, beneath the veneer of titles and responsibilities lies a deeply human approach. For Sarah, each day is an opportunity to connect with clients, to share in their journeys, and to embody the ethos of ROAR Fitness.

Her journey hasn’t been defined by singular pivotal moments, but rather by a series of steps, each building upon the last. Rooted in her athletic background, Sarah’s journey is one of perpetual motion, driven by a relentless pursuit of growth and self-improvement.

Along the path of entrepreneurship, Sarah has encountered unexpected lessons, the kind that can’t be gleaned from textbooks or business seminars. Among them is the importance of embracing individual strengths and nurturing a culture where everyone can thrive.

“Within the business I’ve learnt that it’s important to let people be good at what they’re good at and mould the job around the person rather than make someone fit into a role that they won’t excel in.”

Challenges, too, have been a constant companion. But for Sarah, they are not roadblocks; they are opportunities for growth and innovation. With her husband by her side, she navigates through the storms with unwavering resilience and a healthy dose of humour.

Balancing passion with practicality is a delicate dance, one that Sarah performs with finesse. While she brings the creativity and energy to ROAR, her partner Rich grounds the vision with a keen eye for strategy and financial acumen.

Motivation, for Sarah, isn’t something that needs to be strategized. It’s simply a byproduct of doing what she loves. Even in the toughest of times, her love for her work propels her forward, fuelling her determination to succeed.

“I don’t need strategy to be motivated. I love what we do and if we’re not motivated then we will fail. When times are tough, it is actually when we are most motivated- when you really have to perform, and you have no choice but to fire at 100% then it’s amazing what you are capable of.”

Innovation thrives within the vibrant culture of ROAR Fitness, where ideas are welcomed, and voices are heard. By listening to clients and empowering her team, Sarah fosters an environment where innovation flourishes organically.

Despite the demands of entrepreneurship, Sarah prioritises self-care, recognizing that her well-being is essential for the success of her business. Even in the midst of busy periods, she makes time for her loved ones, knowing that their support is invaluable.

As she looks to the future, Sarah isn’t focused on leaving a grand legacy. Instead, she hopes to continue building something meaningful, something that brings joy and empowerment to others. For Sarah, the true measure of success lies not in accolades or achievements but in the impact she makes on those around her.

She is.. The Energised