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The Passionate: Tariq Abu Samra

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, each journey is a patchwork of ups and downs, victories, and moments of self-discovery. Enter Tariq Abu Samra, the driving force behind BloomingBox, whose story embodies resilience, passion, and the unstoppable human spirit.

For Tariq, entrepreneurship wasn’t just a career choice; it was a passion ingrained in his upbringing. Driven by a desire for independence and a knack for creating, he embarked on a less conventional path.

“I was exposed to entrepreneurship at a very early age which provided a solid foundation which inspired me to follow an entrepreneurial journey. Growing up I always strived to achieve independence and establishing businesses became a passion. recalls Tariq. Despite facing challenges, he learned the importance of nurturing talent and managing resources wisely.

Tariq encountered significant obstacles along his journey, especially in the early days when resources were scarce for recruiting key team members. However, with unwavering belief and taking calculated risks, he invested in talents that turned setbacks into opportunities for growth.

In the world of entrepreneurship, finding the balance between passion and practicality is like a delicate dance. Tariq believes in making decisions that blend heart and mind, fostering a synergy that drives sustainable growth and innovation.

At the core of Tariq’s entrepreneurial philosophy is a dedication to innovation. By creating an environment where creativity thrives and staying updated on industry trends, he ensures his ventures stay ahead.

Unlike the traditional idea of work-life balance, Tariq suggests finding fulfilment within work itself. While he pours his energy into his ventures, he also cherishes moments with loved ones and pursues passions that nourish his soul.

“I believe that work-life balance is a myth, instead the mindset I have adopted was always to build a life at work that I don’t need to escape from, which makes it easier to want to spend more time at work building and achieving my goal” he confidently states.

Looking forward, Tariq aims for more than just business success. He hopes to leave a legacy of positive change, iconic brands, and meaningful community impact. Through his journey, he wants to inspire others to chase their dreams boldly and persistently.

He is… The Passionate.