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The Unsung Heroes In The Dubai Flood

Just like in 2020, Dubai residents found themselves stuck inside again—not because of a pandemic this time, but due to a flood that hit the city hard. Yet, something inspiring emerged: the unsung heroes who stepped up to lend a hand. The rolled up their trouser legs and submerged themselves in the water to do whatever they could to help their neighbours and community.

Starting late Monday and continuing through Tuesday night, It was the heaviest recorded rainfall ever to hit the city and recovery will be a long arduous journey. This storm brought more rain than the country has seen since they began keeping records in 1949. In Khatm Al Shakla, Al Ain, the meteorological department recorded a staggering 254 mm of rain in just 24 hours, the most ever seen in that area.

What were workers doing to mitigate the effects of the flood?

In most part of Dubai, workers heroically stacked sandbags at the entrance of shops and parking facilities to prevent water from flooding the building. Their dedication went beyond just protecting the property; they were safeguarding the daily lives and routines of the people around them.

First responders from RTA, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Police, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment, and Nakheel were deployed to handle emergencies and lessen the impact of the heavy rain. Despite the floods and heavy rains, emergency response workers worked hard to manage the water-logged conditions any any means necessary.

Animal shelters across the UAE have been hit hard by the storm, forcing them to evacuate animals to safer locations. The unsung heroes, like the dedicated staff and volunteers who braved the floodwaters to rescue and relocate these animals, ensuring their safety and well-being. These compassionate individuals are now in urgent need of support to help the shelters get back on their feet and continue their vital work.

Shahvez Khan, a trainee auditor in Dubai won the hearts of many with his true courage – he managed to save the lives of 5 people trapped in a submerged car. In a video filmed by a colleague, Khan is seen climbing onto the roof of an SUV with a hammer and breaking through its glass top to rescue the people trapped inside