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Review: A Culinary Odyssey at 3Fils Dubai

Home-grown restaurant 3 Fils, long considered something of a hidden gem at Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, nabbed the much-coveted No 1 spot at the Mena’s 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony held in Abu Dhabi.

The Venue

Situated along Dubai’s vibrant Jumeirah Fishing Harbour sits 3Fils, a haven for food lovers seeking a blend of urban buzz and culinary tranquility. As you step inside, the atmosphere wraps you in refined elegance, a perfect fusion of modern style with gentle nods to Japanese culture. The decor, sleek and minimalist, creates a canvas for an unforgettable dining experience that’s more than just a meal—it’s an adventure.

Whether you’re cozied up at the sushi bar or relaxing in the outdoor dining area, every corner of 3Fils whispers an invitation to unwind and indulge in the moment. And oh, the details! From the chic style outdoors setting to the exquisite presentation of each dish, it’s clear that every element has been thoughtfully curated.

The Food Highlights

3Fils offers a culinary experience that pushes boundaries and celebrates creativity. The menu is a delightful fusion of traditional Japanese flavours and innovative twists, each dish a masterpiece of flavour and finesse.

Start your journey with the Indomie —an explosion of delicate Beef chorizo, asparagus and sugar snap peas. Also tuck into the Charcoal which is a deep fried potato made to look like a looks like a lump of coal. Truly innovative!

For mains, the Wagyu burger steals the show with its meaty flavours, shaved Italian truffle, truffle mayo and truffle paste. While the Chicken Tsukune was power packed with flavour! 

The Karak ice cream offers a sweet conclusion, blending rich karak tea flavours with perfectly balanced textures. They even present it at your table with a show.

The Service and Hospitality

At 3Fils, hospitality isn’t just a job—it’s a passion. The attentive staff, guided by genuine warmth and care, ensures that every guest feels special. From helping you navigate the menu to offering personalized recommendations, their dedication to excellence shines through, making every visit unforgettable.

The Verdict

3Fils isn’t just a restaurant—it’s an experience. With its impeccable ambiance, inventive cuisine, and heartfelt hospitality, it stands as a beacon of culinary excellence in Dubai.

So, if you’re ready to be enchanted, enthralled, and utterly captivated, make your way to 3Fils for a dining experience that’s truly unforgettable.