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Flowwow and Emirati Artist Unite to Create Unique Eid Card Game

In a bid to commemorate Ramadan and Eid in a unique way, Flowwow, a UAE-based gifting marketplace, has collaborated with Emirati digital artist Mariam Alobeidli to launch the ‘Ramadan Moments: Family Game for Heart-to-Heart Talks.’ This card game aims to foster meaningful interactions and strengthen familial bonds during the festive season.

Driven by insights revealing a desire for more meaningful gifts during Ramadan, Flowwow sought to offer something distinctive. The ‘Ramadan Moments’ game emerged as a response to this, integrating local artistry to reflect core Ramadan values of unity and togetherness.

The game also offers enthusiasts a chance to participate in a giveaway on Flowwow’s Instagram account, enhancing community engagement and spreading joy during the season.

Mariam Alobeidli’s intricate artwork, inspired by her own cultural heritage, adorns each card with symbols evoking cherished memories and traditions of Ramadan. Players are encouraged to engage in heartfelt discussions by picking a card daily, creating an atmosphere of honesty and positivity in their homes.

Through this collaboration, Flowwow and Mariam Alobeidli celebrate Emirati culture and talent, providing a platform for reflection, connection, and celebration during Ramadan.

Available for purchase on the Flowwow website and app