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Celebrate Eid with Meaningful Gifts: Supporting Palestinian Artists

As Eid Al Fitr approaches, it’s a time of celebration, reflection, and generosity. Amidst the festivities, there’s an opportunity to make a difference by choosing gifts that not only bring joy to your loved ones but also support the livelihoods of Palestinian artisans.

Each purchase from Handmade Palestine goes beyond acquiring a beautiful handicraft; it’s a contribution to the empowerment of Palestinian women and the preservation of their cultural heritage:

  1. Palestinian Embroidered Pouch (AED 161.40): These beautiful pouches feature elaborate designs crafted by Manjel ma Qoud, a group of women skilled in embroidery celebrated for their distinctive style of Palestinian cross-stitch embroidery, commonly referred to as ‘tatreez’. When you buy these pouches, you’re not only getting a practical accessory but also backing a tradition that spans centuries and has been handed down through the ages.
  1. Keffiyeh Lanyard from Palestinian Traditional Keffiyeh Fabric (AED 87.95): Crafted by ‘Straps by Sarab’, these lanyards are fashioned from authentic Palestinian keffiyeh fabric and stitched by women at the Women’s Centre in the Amari Refugee Camp. Every purchase aids in the economic empowerment of refugee women and promotes the sustainability of their community.
  1. Palestinian Tatreez Heluwa Earrings (AED 267.90): These earrings showcase Palestinian craftsmanship at its finest, with each piece requiring hours of intricate embroidery in the traditional ‘tatreez’ style. By wearing these earrings yourself or gifting them to a loved one, you’re not simply accessorising; you’re honouring a piece of Palestinian heritage.
  1. Palestinian Olive Leaf Jewelry Gift Set in Sterling Silver (AED 624.12):
    Artisanally crafted by talented silversmiths in Bethlehem, this stunning jewellery set is fashioned from casts of age-old olive tree leaves. Olive trees bear significant cultural and symbolic importance in Palestine, rendering this set a poignant embodiment of Palestinian identity and fortitude.
  1. Curated Olive Wood Kitchen Set From Bethlehem (AED 697.57):
    Hand-carved from wood harvested from ancient olive trees in Nablus and Jenin, this collection of kitchen utensils epitomises the skill and heritage of Palestinian artisans. Each item stands as a tribute to the elegance and eco-friendliness of Palestinian olive wood.

In choosing gifts from Handmade Palestine, you’re not just celebrating Eid; you’re also making a tangible difference in the lives of Palestinian women and their communities. This Eid, let’s celebrate the spirit of generosity and solidarity by supporting Palestinian artisans and their rich cultural heritage.