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Meet The Latest Social Media Sensation: The Flat Croissant

Brix Café, a renowned establishment celebrated for its innovative and award-winning desserts, is proud to unveil its newest culinary creation: the flat croissant. This contemporary take on the beloved classic croissant has swiftly gained global attention, captivating food enthusiasts and influencers alike with its distinctive appearance and irresistible flavors.

Far beyond the ordinary, the flat croissant at Brix Café transcends traditional pastry norms. Crafted into 2D shapes, these croissants undergo a meticulous process of flattening and are adorned with a diverse selection of chocolates and toppings, resulting in a symphony of delectable flavors and textures. With options such as white chocolate with pistachio and rose, milk chocolate with hazelnut, and dark chocolate with a touch of salt, these flat croissants offer an array of indulgent experiences guaranteed to gratify any sweet craving.

However, the allure of the flat croissant extends beyond its exceptional taste. Its visually stunning presentation and unique form make it a standout choice for social media sharing, catapulting it into a viral trend. With its undeniable Instagram-worthy appeal, it comes as no surprise that the flat croissant is rapidly gaining traction online