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London’s Hottest Leisure and Shopping Destination is NOW OPEN

The iconic Battersea Power Station has been magnificently transformed into London’s most exhilarating new shopping and leisure destination, inviting locals, tourists, and residents to experience an extraordinary blend of history, culture, and modern amenities.

The Grade II* listed landmark, surrounded by a vibrant area, has undergone a remarkable revival, emerging as a captivating mixed-use neighbourhood that transcends ordinary life. Within this rejuvenated space, a symphony of shops, bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, parks, and historical sites converge, creating an ambiance that is nothing short of extraordinary.

The shopping experience is elevated within the Power Station and along the elegant Electric Boulevard, where a captivating array of high-end fashion brands, entertainment options, and dining establishments beautifully complement the existing offerings at Circus West Village.

An Elevated Experience: Lift 109

A particular highlight of Battersea Power Station’s enthralling offerings is Lift 109. This unique feature beckons visitors to embark on an unforgettable journey, elevating their experience to new heights. With its distinctive design and captivating views, Lift 109 offers an exhilarating ride that grants glimpses of the iconic London skyline and the surrounding landscapes. Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast or simply seeking a one-of-a-kind perspective, Lift 109 stands as a testament to the innovative and immersive encounters that define Battersea Power Station’s revitalised spirit.

A Foodie’s Haven

Eating and drinking at Battersea Power Station is a culinary voyage around the world. At the heart of the power station stands the Arcade Food Hall & Bar.

Spanning an expansive 24,000 square feet, this space presents a contemporary twist on dining, encompassing a capacious food hall with seating for 500, two well-stocked bars, three distinct restaurants, and a secluded private dining enclave. All these elements harmonize within the vibrant ambiance of the Power Station.

Guests are invited to relish a tantalising array of 13 diverse cuisines, introduced by novel brands like Phed Power, delivering zesty stir fries and vibrant salads inspired by Isan, Thailand. Siu Siu pays homage to Cantonese comfort fare, drawing inspiration from Hong Kong’s renowned roast meat eateries, while Leccami Gelato takes you on a delectable journey to authentic Italian gelato heaven. The culinary ensemble is further enriched by well-loved establishments such as Hero, celebrated for its Indian fast food; Sushi Kamon, a purveyor of Japanese sushi; Tipan Tapan, offering a taste of Nepali street food; and Shatta & Toum, a Middle Eastern delicacy for scrumptious shawarma.

Within the new food hall, the allure of Tap Room and ABC Bar awaits. Tap Room flaunts a captivating display of 32 taps, serving up cocktails ingeniously crafted with locally sourced ingredients and an array of brews from international and South London breweries. Meanwhile, ABC Bar, channeling the classic elegance of cocktail culture, presents a concise selection of the world’s most iconic libations.

Arcade Battersea goes beyond the food hall, boasting three distinctive restaurants. Manna elevates the experience with its US-style smash burgers and crispy fried chicken, while Solis introduces a novel grilled chicken and steak concept, masterminded by the culinary duo behind TĀ TĀ Eatery – Ana Gonçalves and Zijun Meng. Additionally, Taiwanese BAO, a revered Taiwanese brand, adds to the culinary tapestry with its unique gastronomic offering

Something for everyone

Entertainment flourishes at Battersea Power Station, with a plethora of shopping, dining, and leisure opportunities complemented by a year-round calendar of events. There’s always something captivating to engage with, making each visit an immersive experience.

Embracing the harmony of old and new, Battersea Power Station’s new neighborhood along the River Thames is a testament to world-class architecture. This visionary transformation invites you to explore a juxtaposition of history and innovation. The unique character of a Battersea Power Station home captures this essence, promising an unparalleled living experience.

With upcoming additions like 50 Electric Boulevard, a 500,000 sq ft building in the neighbourhood continues to attract notable names like Apple, SharkNinja, and The Engine Room, a new co-working space.

Battersea Power Station’s revival as a vibrant, mixed-use neighbourhood is nothing short of remarkable. It seamlessly blends history, culture, and modernity to create an extraordinary environment that beckons exploration, indulgence, and engagement, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary.