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Introducing Dis-Loyalty: A New Luxurious Travel and Dining Membership That Defies Tradition

Dis-Loyalty stands apart as a unique program dedicated to the finer things in life, uniting over 75 exquisite hotels and 150 upscale restaurants and bars from Ennismore’s collective of ten internationally renowned luxury brands, including the likes of 25hours Hotels and SLS in Dubai, Mama Shelter, The Hoxton in London among others.

Simplicity and transparency lie at the core of Dis-Loyalty, as it bestows its members with substantial savings when they choose to venture into fresh destinations from its exclusive collection of hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Members are graced with an array of alluring benefits:

  1. Grand Opening Extravaganza: An unparalleled 50% off awaits members for stays at newly opened hotels within the first three months of inauguration.
  2. Premiere Elegance: Delighting the senses, 20% off is gifted for every first-time stay at any of our luxurious hotels, no matter the destination.
  3. Rewarding Returns: Loyalty is truly appreciated, and members are honoured with a generous 10% off for return stays at any of our distinguished establishments.
  4. Savour the Moment: The gastronomic pleasures are endless with a delightful 10% discount on delectable food and drinks at any of our esteemed restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.
  5. Daily Indulgence: Members can relish the finest barista-made drinks, including rich coffees, aromatic teas, and velvety hot chocolates, with the freedom to enjoy one of these treats every day of the year.

In an unprecedented move, Dis-Loyalty shall introduce an exclusive series of extraordinary events known as “Dis-Loyalty Drops.” These highly anticipated “drops” shall encompass limited edition collaborations, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, exclusive access, and time-limited special offers, making it an absolute must for those with a penchant for the extraordinary.

Dis-Loyalty shatters the mould of traditional loyalty schemes, eschewing the need to accumulate points or strive for elusive tiers. Instead, members are immediately welcomed into a world of luxury from the moment they sign up through an exquisite new digital platform.

Ennismore has always remained at the vanguard of change and innovation within the hospitality industry. Notable milestones include the eradication of check-in and out times through the revolutionary Flexy Time at The Hoxton, trailblazing sustainability efforts via the pioneering introduction of solid bath amenities at Mama Shelter, and the creation of new business models with the establishment of Working From_, an esteemed co-working brand ingeniously integrated within it’s hotels.

Sharan Pasricha, Founder & Co-CEO of Ennismore, enthused, “I’m incredibly excited to be launching a new, game-changing programme that brings together our much-loved lifestyle brands in one simple and compelling membership, with digital innovation at its core. We want to break the traditional loyalty model by not rewarding members for how often they stay with us, but by encouraging them to discover the new. Dis-loyalty encourages our brand fans to discover hotels, restaurants, and bars in a new, digitally immersive, and editorial way. This complements our current brand-led strategy in delivering best-in-class brand experiences resulting in higher direct bookings.”

Embark on a Journey of Unparalleled Luxury

Dis-Loyalty beckons all those who cherish the thrill of exploration, offering a captivating array of over 50 alluring destinations, including London, Dubai, Miami, Paris, and Seoul. With the promise of over 15 awe-inspiring hotel openings within the upcoming year, members are granted unparalleled access to 50% off stays at iconic establishments such as The Hoxton, Vienna; SO/ Uptown Dubai; Hyde Ibiza; SO/ Maldives; 25hours Jakarta; SLS Barcelona; and Mondrian Gold Coast, Australia—ensuring a constant allure of new and thrilling escapes. As for the “20% off first stay” privilege, every member enjoys a pristine slate, irrespective of any prior encounters with our hotels, as this enchanting benefit applies to all hotels within our resplendent collection.

Indulge in the Epicurean Splendors

Known for its avant-garde, culturally resonant, and authentically crafted restaurants and bars, lifestyle hotels under Dis-Loyalty offer an enchanting plethora of culinary delights. Delight your palate with exquisite offerings, including Carna by the world-renowned chef Dario Cecchini; Seabird, London’s crown jewel rooftop restaurant; the recently unveiled Mr. Nakamoto, nestled along the pristine Cannes beach; or the mesmerising Monkey Bar in Dubai, boasting breathtaking views—immerse yourself in the experience with a delightful 10% off at all times. What’s more, this generous benefit extends to a party of six per member, making every dining affair a memorable celebration (please note that minibars and in-room dining are not included).

A Ritual of Perfection

Embrace the cherished daily ritual of savouring the first coffee of the day with grace, as Dis-Loyalty ensures that each member relishes the finest barista-made drink—be it a rich coffee, a delicate tea (iced included), or a sumptuous hot chocolate—every single day of the year, at any hour, as long as the indulgence is savoured on the premises.

Anticipate the Extraordinary: Dis-Loyalty Drops

Towards the end of the year, Dis-Loyalty shall unveil the most coveted “Dis-Loyalty Drops.” Prepare to be mesmerised by these exclusive offerings, boasting limited edition collaborations, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, exclusive access, and time-limited special offers that will surpass all expectations.

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